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The Prevalence of Civilian Abuse Cases in Syria Today

The reconciliation efforts of the Syrian government in a bid to get rid of the opposition and rebel groups have seen a sad reaction that has led to a surge in civilian abuse cases. There a massive disregard for fundamental rights and most people are suffering in the hands of these rebel groups that can be considered to be part of the opposition. In life, people have equal rights across the world. It is the disregard for rights such as the right to life that constitutes to civilian abuse to both men, women, and children as well.

One manifestation of human abuse cases in the country is the regular kidnappings. People are randomly targeted and subjected to undesirable conditions.
For more info on Civilian Crisis in Syria, click here. In fact, a large percentage of abductions have led to deaths of the victims, something that the whole world is fighting vigorously against. Popular organizations are trying day in day out to have reconciliation plans and actions to mitigate such sad happenings. Moreover, other countries such as the U.S are concerned as well and playing a vital role to help ease the situation.

Fundamental freedoms and rights involve living in peace in the desired location by all citizens. But forceful eviction and displacement constitute civilian abuse. In Syria, people are being displaced and consequently subjected to inadequate living conditions that are characterized by the absence of the right and freedom to access quality healthcare. Read more about Civilian Crisis in Syria from Mark Dubowitz. This has been highlighted in various reports. Forceful displacement of civilians for political gains risks the presence of the affected citizens, and it often goes hand in hand with the lack of adequate supplies for food and shelter as well. Civilian abuse is also manifested by the acts of hampering the rights of the people by denying them the right to return.

These days, numerous organizations aim to help people undergoing tough situations by providing aid. However, people in Syria are facing restrictions to accessing humanitarian assistance from such organizations, a move resulting in civilian abuse. Various restrictions prevent the accessibility of affected areas by humanitarians, therefore, the people continue to suffer whereas there are potential and willing bodies to offer quality aid. Other situations that need to be controlled involve endless torture and ill-treatment of civilians who are held in detention facilities. Civilian abuse is unconstitutional and unwanted and must, therefore, be faced out to give people back their rights and freedoms. Learn more about Civilian Crisis in Syria from

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